Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Hours Of Operation?

Gate hours are from 6 A.M. to midnight in High Season (May thru October.). And 6 A.M. to 9 P.M. in Low Season (November thru April) 7 days a week. 

During these times you are free to enter the lot using your unique access code.

What If I Need To Enter The Yard Outside Of These Times?

If you are arriving late or want to get an earlier start than the posted times, you will need to call our Security Surveillance Team to let them know you are accessing outside of business hours. It is important that we offer you top notch customer service… however this is meant for once and a while occurrences. 

Call Alarmtron at 604-594-0022 

or Mega Storage at 778-765-1117

What if someone chooses to follow me in once the gate is open without entering their own code?

It is for everyone’s security and safety that each and every customer enters their own code to enter the yard. If you witnessed someone breaking this important rule please call our office at 778-765-1117 (Do not call Alarmtron in this situation). 

Unauthorized access is a threat to all customers of Mega Storage Inc. If you are found to be breaking this strict rule you may be asked to remove your unit from the premises.

What if someone hits my unit or if I hit someone else's unit?

All units are required to have insurance and proof is recorded upon sign-up. Every customer is responsible for their own actions. Video surveillance will show any and all activity on site… Please do the right thing by reporting any instances. Mega Storage Inc. is not responsible for our customers accidents.

What payment methods are Accepted to pay for my storage?

 We accept all major credit cards as well as Visa Debit. We use automatic payment processing so you never miss a payment. 

Why are the hours restricted to 7 AM to 9 PM, seven days per week?

The answer to that is security. Restricting the hours to “normal hours of operation” allows us to be a more Secure facility. People coming and going at all hours of the night is simply a greater security risk.